Hobbes & Calvin Logistics Incorporated

Airsoft in Aberdeen

About Hobbes

As you might have guessed, I'm an airsofter and the owner of this website. I have been participating in airsoft for over 5 years now and still find it as exciting now, as I did when I first started.
You should be able to spot me out on the field as I have HCLI patches on my kit or I will look like Lesion from Rainbow Six Siege.
I like to tech my own gear to get it performing just how I want it but I can't say my wallet agrees with that.

About RDub

Operator Operating Operationally.
Can't live without an ETU.

About Mr-Pink

Who needs a helmet when you have a tactical fedora?

About Stug

I know how to turn a fall into a combat roll.
Specialist in burning myself with grenades.


Both Hobbes and RDub wear video cameras when airsofting. They record nearly all the gameplay and any interesting footage is uploaded to YouTube.
Make sure to check back regularly for any new videos.